Interiors at Indigo Winter 2017

I am currently showing at the fabulous hair salon Indigo . Interiors of my mind and emotions brought forth in color and line. The show is open to the public till the end of March.

Where else can you view great art while having your hair washed?

While your hair color processes

While having a fabulous cut…

While drying your hair…

Art Hop 2015

The suggestion is that Art is transformational. Here I transformed a canvas that an another artist started


Transforming art by sharing a piece back and forth between artists.

Transforming a painting over and over again.

Transforming a photo into a painting.

Transforming ancient feelings into a visual.



ARTHOP @ EVOLUTION  September 5-7

Friday night
6-8 pm – Make Your Own Enso painting with artist Lynne Reed

“Breathing in, I begin the circle. Breathing out, I complete the circle.” —-Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Master, The Mindful ART video

My creativity connects me to spirit. My spirituality informs my creations. My creative exploration is the curiosity about the space between the out breath and the next in breath. The spiritual exploration is in the mindful brushstroke.

During the development of my current Edgewalker series, I was inspired by Calligraphic Meditation and Ensō. I desired to share both the paintings and the practice that creates them. This Art Hop workshop is for you to create your own art and practice.


Ensō is a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism; it is a hand-drawn circle created in a single brushstroke. Typically one draws the ensō in one fluid stroke and once drawn, it cannot be altered. While it appears to be nothing more than a miss-shaped circle, the ensō symbolizes enlightenment, elegance, and strength. It is the beginning and end of all things. It is both emptiness and fullness, simple and profound, perfection and imperfection.

Every ensō is an expression of individuality through the ink, brushstroke, shape, and the positioning of the start and end points of the circle. Ensō captures a moment in time when the artist’s mind is free to let the spirit create. The ensō can also be used as starting point; many artists add inscriptions, poems, or words of wisdom. Zen masters will often paint an ensō for their students to meditate upon.